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 My name is Fred and i was born 14 jul.1958, i have the ham (amateur radio) licence since feb. 2004, but i was enthusiastic short wave listener (non registrated swl) since +/-1968 and 5 years later i do first cb (citizen band) local experiences & later dx contacts. As Ham, at first time i do only 'phone' (am, fm, ssb), now digital modes (psk, rtty, ros,...) are my favorites.


 Please have a look below for more info about amateur-radio: I.A.R.U. (International Amateur Radio Union) here: ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and here: ECO (European Communication Office), DX Century Club DXCC-List. Here you can read the Amateur's code written by Paul M. Segal W9eaa (†sk), in 1928.     ...A request for Ham-spirit (10 recommendations).

Work conditions

  At home my antenna's are all vertical, ground plane-type, GPA-50, V2000 & discone, mounted with telescopic mat on a metallic roof @ my city qth (more family house), in a "restaurant-street", and i can received most time only QRM.(man-made interference-noise) with S8-9 (&more) on all ham frequencies. I have not enough place to mount other antenna's, like dipole, beam or others. Many qrm's coming also from two electric arc furnace's in 3km distance of my qth. (Esch/Belval [dc] & Schifflange [ac]). That is the reason why i have found with a handful friends in 2006 the Lx5b-group. Now i can work under better conditions in group from different qth's in Lx. Here is my equipment-list, [includes a sales-list], written as 'pdf' (adobe reader is needed). For more info, (ham-spirit price's), manual's & schematic's, write to meemail: lx1max@vo.lu. Please, have a look in my Magix photo-album below)

At the Europacamping Nommerlayen in Nommern,. we (lx5b) work normaly with longwire antennas and many other wire solutions.


  I'm founder (with Do1rgo- Reiner) and manager for Lx5b (C.F.R.G. 'Camp and Field day Radio Group')email: lx1max@vo.lu. I'm member of RLX (Luxembourg amateur radio association), EPC (European psk club) lx1max-epc#0390 / lx5b-epc#0391, 30MDG (30meter digital group), lx1max-30mdg#0388, lx5b-30mdg-#2375 and DMC (digital mode club) lx1max-dmc#2226, lx5b-dmc#2125.


  All radio-activations from Lx5b and mine, primary on short-waves dx'ing, are published here and on QRZ.com, under the call's: lx1max, lx5b. My home cluster is: db0spc-7, but also lx0prg, connectable via packet-radio and web. My software for packet is Paxon by Dg1faz (sri, website is only in German) and for aprs i use UI-view by G4ide (†sk). I use also IAPRS on my Iphone 5.

  After many equipement test's in 2007, for 2008/09 the lx5b group come back. Our camp-activations will be continued, after successfully years 2005/06, at the Europacamping Nommerlayen in Nommern at ca. 310m ASL (JN39bs). All activations are also anounced @ Facebook. http.//.facebook.com/fred or http://.facebook.com/groups and in many other Facebook Ham-groups.

  My primary multi mode de/en-coder software is: Mixw.(sri, is not free) I use also the all-round software DX-Lab-suite for log, cluster, propagation view, cat-control, etc etc...  For audio spectrum analyzing, i work with Dl4yhf's Spectrum Lab.


  My ham-apps on iphone: Iaprs, Echolink, HamIam, Icluster, Hamtool (ft857), Maidenhead, Hotpaw morse decoder, Psker, Decibel ultra, Ohmulator.......


  My home locator (maidenhead system): JN29xl  // (WGS84) 5° 58' 43.392"E / 49° 29' 28.284"N (sexagesimal).  My qth (Map) is at 300m ASL (antenna-base at 320m). My city (Esch-sur-Alzette) lies in south of the LX-country near the French border (town-part: Brill). The capital (Luxembourg-city) is roughly 16km to the north/east. (IARU-Region:1 / CQ 14 / ITU 27) My country was one of the 6 former states in 1957 (EEC) and later the European Union (EU).


  My Log's and this from our club station here (pdf or xls), at Eqsl.cc  at qrz.com .

Lx5b log from easter-weekend 2008 here.(xls) Lx5b log from 22to25june08 here.(xls)  Digi-Logs: Log lx1max 2004 (pdf)  Log lx1max 2005 (pdf) Log lx5b lx1max 2006 (pdf)  Log lx5b lx1max log 2009 (pdf)  Log lx5b lx1max log 2010 (pdf)  Log lx5b lx1max 2011 (pdf)  Log Lx5b 2012 (pdf)  Log lx5b  2013 (pdf) Log lx1max 2014 (pdf) Log lx5b 2014 (pdf)


  The Qsl card for Lx5b and Lx1max, is preferred via QSL-bureau. (Eqsl.cc, are welcome, but only in answering mode). For direct Qsl please don't forget SAE (self addressed envelope) & 2$,  mny TNX in advance! My post address:    Fred Casagranda jr.   //   25, rue du Brill   //   L-4041-Esch/Alzette  //   Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. My qsl card printer is: Ux5uo-print. The qso is often short, but the qsl is forever! Here a preview of qsl card's, Lx5b, Lx1max.

Time, weather, propagation

  Local time (cet): ( utc +1, by winter & +2h in summer-time, from 30th march to 26th october 2014) and Lx-weather: rlx-webcam-weather. (at this link, the weather is doing by ham's, hi) I wish you all a good radio propagation !


  My second hobby is photographic. My, not only, 'radio-related' photo-album here: Magix. (continuous updated!) I work with analog & digital camera's. Here my photographic material-list, [includes a sales-list]. If you need info, prices or manuals, please write to me. Occasionally i will upload photos @ Facebook


   (coming soon.....)


   Contact: email:lx1max@vo.luor 'maxonair' in Skype.(voip-phone), Packet radio (my home BBS): lx1max@lx0pac.lux.eu, Aprs-digi, Lx1max-3, Pse have also a look in echolink for a voip-"qso". You can write via email  to me for digital mode contact on the air, from 40m to 10m band. (for awards)


   Most time, i am Qrv on following local frequency's: fm-repeaters: 145,700 (lx0lu) and 145,725 (lx0hi) MHz (shift -0,6), 438,750 (lx0ru, with echolink connection) and 439,075 (db0sab) MHz (shift -7,6), 430,050 (f5zdi) MHz (shift +1,6) or fm-simplex 145,475MHz. (F3E). A few Lx-OM's and YL's meet all day's (+/-9-11h am utc) on 14,330MHz usb / J3E (+/-10KHz, depends qrm) or on 145,475MHz fm. All visitors are welcome!

Repeaters, etc...

  Here is an 'pdf'-List, with detailed data's from voice-repeaters, digi-'peaters (packet/bbs/cluster), aprs-digi's, aprs-igate's, beacon's, echolink-nodes, etc., in DL, F, ON and LX, reachable around my qth, not only in normal conditions. If you (sysop's and/or other OM's/YL's) have information's about changes, or details to complete this list, please write to me(tnx)  for more info about repeaters (d-star ....) please have a look at rlx.lu.

73' de Fred,  gl, es hpe cuagn. 

73 de fred gl es hpe cuagn 


  Greetings in hexadecimal: 37 33 27 0 64 65 0 46 72 65 64 0 4C 58 31 4D 41 58 & all the same in binary: 00110111 00110011 00100111 00100000 01100100 01100101 00100000 01000110 01110010 01100101 01100100 00100000 01001100 01011000 00110001 01001101 01000001 01011000.

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